Smart Wallet Card

Thus the launch of the Smart Wallet Card. No more bulky wallets and you can now store several debit and credit account on the one card!  

Dynamic Inc are soon to launch are Smart Wallet Card in the UK. A single wallet card can store multiple debit and credit accounts electronically. Adding new accounts to the card is as simple as the click of a button to command the download, this also works for deleting an account on the smart wallet card. Not only can you switch accounts using the one card, but you can also opt in or out of receiving instant messages from the bank onto the wallet card.

With technology on smart phones such as apple pay, android pay and the FinTech digital revolution going strong it is thought that the card industry is dying out. But there are over 20 billion cards in the world, with an increase of 5% each year. The card industry is still going strong and card development is still very much a prominent feature in the financial industry. This can be seen through the launch of Zwipe’s biometric card. A card that allows for contactless payments to be authenticated securely through the use of fingerprint recognition.