How We Work

Attracting the best Candidates is a painstaking process. We dedicate ourselves to thorough research. It takes time, experience and skill to select a suitable shortlist. Through a rigorous interview and vetting process, we assess the Candidates’ Experience, Qualifications, Professional, Skill Set and Personality.

Only when we’re convinced that we’ve found a series of ideal ‘matches’ do we present the Client with the final interview shortlist.

It is this thorough approach which enables us to enjoy constantly evolving, mutually beneficial relationships with Clients and Candidates alike.

Maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality we work with companies to structure or restructure their business to identify the optimum target operating model, identifying skill gaps and provide insight on candidate talent, skills and behaviours to achieve excellent results.

At TPN we provide both Interim & Permanent candidates, on either a Contingent or Retained basis.

Retained Search

Working on an exclusive basis for the recruitment of Senior Leaders and Executives. Retaining TPN’s services secures and guarantee’s dedicated resource and commitment through the selection process. A percentage of the fee is paid upfront for a rigorous search and selection head-hunt process. Further percentages of the fee are due at short listing and start date stages.

Highly targeted recruitment service for senior executive and specialised roles
Reputation for precision, speed and integrity plus return on client investment
An extensive, narrative-written role profile including company history, leadership style, current issues, and future challenges of the position.
Expert consultancy on streamlining the interview process to meet business standards & needs efficiently. Reducing the risk & cost of bad hires.
A recruitment process and approach that includes extensive industry specific advertising, but also relies more upon aggressive networking, utilising industry/ vocational specific forums and personal contacts, than passive advertising.
Detailed industry feedback including; candidate perception of company, salary vs skills benchmarking, challenges faced such as location, skill set etc.
Regular progress reports including; a long list of applicants who meet the minimum requirements. Plus a short list of extensively screened candidates recommended for interviewing.
Hands on support throughout the interview process; scheduling interviews and advocating feedback from both parties.
Opportunity to have a flexible onsite presence. Offering an external industry perspective to support with benchmarking, pipeline strategy, company culture and guidance on potential hiring challenges.
Comprehensive reference and background checking tailored to a specific brief.
Ongoing quality review of deliverables.

Permanent Recruitment

A contingency based recruitment solution to find the best possible candidate for a full time position with the client. No placement made means no fee is due.

In-depth industry knowledge delivers first class candidate sourcing and pre-screening
We only recommend candidates who meet the brief thereby saving clients time and money
Widespread vacancy advertisements. Including company website, LinkedIn, job boards and networking.
Industry feedback from candidates and the challenges faced
Support throughout the interview phrase; scheduling & advocating feedback through to offer negotiations 

Contract & Interim Recruitment

The flexibility and scalability of using contract and interim professionals to fulfil specialist, often project based roles. Candidates typically operate via their own Limited Company.

Talent pool of skilled professionals with specialised UK and international industry experience
Available across short term, long term and fixed term contracts
In addition to the contingent recruitment process we are capable of processing payroll thus reducing contractor on boarding times and the added financial strain.

Added Value Services

Salary Benchmarking
TPN can offer a unique insight into salary benchmarking across the industry

Research & Market Intelligence
Industry news, trends and insight along with the ability to carry out research specific projects

Talent pooling
TPN can work with you to build a diverse pipeline of talent with a view to future recruitment plans

Competitor Analysis
Psychometric Testing
Managed Advertising Selection

Visa Application Support
Payroll Facility
Financial/ Credit checks
Application Support


At TPN we place diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do. It is a topic that is extremely important to us as a business, driven by our Senior Management team and extended through to our clients across all of our networks. We try to ensure that our culture remains inclusive to everyone who engages with us – our people, our clients and our candidates. 
When it comes to diversity and inclusion in business, TPN set clear and measurable targets for diversity to support goals and drive the agenda. 
The 3 key areas we have addressed

1. A strong presence across a variety of diversity groups and events across the industry
2. Actively talent pool female leaders within the Cards and Payments arena
3. Look to appoint a specific role within 4 - 6 CV’s and will ensure a diverse candidate submission looking to achieve a 50/50 split.

Flexible, Affordable Pricing, Smart Swift Recruitment

At TPN Recruitment, we aim to deliver results in just 21 days. This way, we keep costs to an absolute minimum, saving our clients both time and money.

Our pricing models are constantly under review, reflecting our aim to be both innovative and competitive. During tough economic times, our management of both interim and fixed-term appointments have proved highly successful, as we offer the option to progress from temporary to permanent appointments.

Our retained search service is uniquely flexible and cost effective. There is no off-putting ‘small print’. Our commitment to service, quality and value is unswerving.