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Here is the Plan
We want to build on our fun, vibrant, open and honest culture as well as offer as much flexibility as we possibly can. Our culture will be based around embracing the fact everyone is different and has different levels of motivations and abilities. That is why we are making it easier for everyone to feel rewarded from day 1! We want TPN to be a destination recruitment service provider that recruitment professionals are envious of and want to be a part of anything is possible!

Our Core hours will be

10am – 4pm Monday to Friday
Total flexibility for parents and the problems that our kids throw at us, without the guilt of having to take the time out. We have all been there!

The best commission structure in the country, we cannot find one better!

We believe that if we pay you more to essentially take your time with clients and provide a better service, everyone is happy! We want our employees to feel valued and earn more while getting better flexible working opportunities. We are after quality not quantity.

Compare it to what you have previously earnt VS our new commission structure!  

Essentially you will earn 30% – 40% of EVERYTHING you invoice. We will reward Monthly, Quarterly and Annually. If you are running your own desk and billing £100,000 a year its pretty obvious its competitive.

How can we do this? If you start working out how much most recruitment business owners’ profit, you will start to realise how much you are making them. We want to give more back and we want our new team to be with us for years to come! We provide interim, contingent and can train you in executive search if you so wish. We also have digitally enhanced employer branding tools and new processes that will genuinely provide value add to your customers.

The 2 Models

Full 360 recruiters who still love the thrill of the chase who want to build a business or who have a client base to bring with them.
Client facing Account Managers / Resourcing Managers (We’ve just won a huge account and it’s a little bit of a big deal!)

What the future might hold?

We want people to have a fulfilled career at TPN and if you are in it for the long run, equity is absolutely a possibility! This will be rewarded not just on how much you have billed, but how much you can bring to our culture!

We have got a great brand name across the Payments, Fintech and Financial Service Markets!

However, if you possess the appetite to build your own Division in Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain & Logistics, Engineering or IT, we’re keen as Mustard and will give you all the support to build your own business unit while providing you full autonomy!

If you would like to find out more or express your interest please send your CV and cover letter to David Earles, Managing Director,